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Hewan is a virtual adoptables game community, Established in June 3rd 2018.
You can adopt a variety of different species including humanoids/humans (mythological type) / anthros / furries!


Cheyne aka Oakhearted, ever since he discovered Chicken Smoothie in 2017, as the years came by, his fascination with pet sites grew larger by the day, He would then end up joining several other known websites relating to CS such as Flight Rising, Wajas, Xanje, Ovipets, Mweor and much more.

He really wanted to make a site that would stand out amongst the others and be unique in it's own way, Hence the whole 'pink' theme Hewan has. He luckily managed to find a diverse name that isn't too plain or basic.

The word hewan is actually Indonesian for 'animal'.

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